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My practice investigates ideas about The Female Body in Contemporary Art. Specifically, it is about exploring the relationships between female body and physical phenomenon, extended to reflection and self-consciousness.


My work is based on people, emphasizes the traces of people, the power of emotion, the essence of rough sensibility. I borrowing woman's body to express human nature. The female body is an entrance to my creation, I hope I can finally reach the depths of human nature through it.The forms of my artwork is painting and sculpture. 


In my opinion, My painting is expression for what affecting me in the life and for what is moving within me. Although I found painting can not express full emotion so I shifted my form to 3 dimensions sculpture, then connect painting and sculpture together. My sculptures are statements. They are mostly young women with specific physical phenomenon. The beginning of my works are inspired by my personal interests in human being and my sketch of female body. As to the technical process of producing the sculptures, my earlier works used to be modelled in paper mache with plaster first and were then cast in polyester. Each sculpture representing the result of my conflict with life. 

My recent artwork was influenced by Kiki Smith, Carolee Schneemann, Tracey Emin, Louis Bourgeois, Eva Rothschild, Rebecca Warren, Francesca Woodman. 

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