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Pain, 100x100cm, oil painting on canvas, 09/2018


Women's physical phenomena, painting, yarn, plaster, 11/2018

Literature shows people's inner world it needs dissect psychology. Art shows the image of a person, it is also necessary to dissect the heart of the person, take off the clothes, the nature human being is naked.


People feel very strange about my research - naked female body. They think my research is pornographic, sexual, and unintelligible. For me, the female naked body is extremely interesting. These are living bodies, with limbs, heads, hands, feet, hard bones and soft bodies, which are extremely complex and subtle complete structures. She can stand up, sit down, lie down, slant a leg independently, run, jump, dance, glides like a swallow. Dynamic and static, intertwined with the sense of stability and movement of the physical structure, which is the basis of the aesthetic sense of the shape, they are based on the physiological structure of science. This artwork made by painting,woollen yarn, plaster. It shows women's physical phenomena - period, miscarriage, abortion, etc, all this things make me feel abject, painful and helpless. This feeling around me, make me sad. This painting inspired by Kiki Smith's artwork 'Train'. When I first saw her work I feel painful, helpless and fear. It reminds me women's period and miscarriage, so I painted two naked women bleeding from vagina in a peaceful surroundings to pretend their terror. The bleeding extends out of the painting, gathering in a sculpture (pregnant woman). I like painting as well as sculpture, this time I try to make this different things together to make a conversation.


The depiction of the pregnant body has offered some artists a way in which to break another visual taboo regarding the female erotic experience. Kiki Smith made a series of four pregnant bellies (the last dated 1990), each a unique cast in plaster taken from friends' bodies. 

Watson, G(2002) claimed that: By examining instances of the pregnant body represented in relation to maternal subjectivity, disability, abortion and 'prosthetic' pregnancy, it asks whether the 'monstrous' can offer different kins of figurations of the maternal that acknowledge the agency and potential power of the pregnant subject.

Historically, in art as in all parts of society, female sexuality has been an unknown quantity, conceived around an enigma, the hidden, the unknown and the unconscious, offering not a finite destination but a realm in which to research. In my opinion, it necessary for female artists to express their own sexuality and authentic desires, creating new ways of affecting asa well as reflecting female sexual experience.


Art&sex - Gray Watson (2002)


This is Holy Shit, 2017, Oil painting on paper

Since the earliest time,  artists have painted, drawn and carved images of female figure. The term 'Women' tracked through diverse field of contemporary art, sociology, philosophy and art history. As we all know that certain forms, namely roundness equated with women, the most remarkable features, breasts and big bellies are seen in every cultural era and site from the earliest to the present. 

At the beginning I got interested in obsessing ideal womanhood. My work mostly in pencil, partial in oil, I also like sculpture young women and receiving from education, I thought female body is rather dishy. Betterton,R (1997) claimed that: "There has been a shift from earlier questions of gender and spectatorship to what maybe called 'embodied subjectivity', a concern with how the body itself is experienced materially and psychically by women."

In this work (This is Holy Shit), I firstly use pencil on paper, then shifted to oil painting, I gave the painting named sense of humor - This is Holy Shit. In the painting, the three women had different poses, their sensitive parts were covered. That means confined, limited, unfree. This work like statement claims "women needs freedom". 

Series of female body, 2017, pencil on paper, oil painting, 35x42cm

As a young girl I got interested in the images of ideal womanhood. In my mind, when we speak of women's bodies, it means naked women, pregnant women, motherhood, daughter. According to Reilly, S (2009) claimed that: "The representation, and presentation, of the body are made complex by factors beyond mere appearance, the subject's self - consciousness, the influence of the medium being used, and the culture and socio - political context in which the artist is working." In my area, I think it is a common practice in modern art to use female bodies as a means of painting. Many female artists bring their self-awareness and subconsciousness into their creatives. The namely roundness, budding, blossoming, were all equated with women. Indeed in art-historical terms, the most prominent anatomical features, breasts and big bellies are seen in every culture era and locale.

My earliest work is female portraits and body in oil panting. The finished images were quite flat and limited at the time I found them unsatisfactory. I shifted my form to 3 dimension sculpture.


The Body in Contemporary art - Sally O’Reilly

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